If you are traveling to Australia then you must take the time to visit Gold Coast. Australia travel would be incomplete without it. Gold Coast is situated in Queensland. It is the second most populated city in Australia. The name of this city is self explanatory and harks back to the days of the Australian gold rush era. Good reasons to visit this exciting city is the stunningly beautiful beaches, world class surfing and pleasant climate that is sub tropical. The Albert River lies the coast and the capital of Queensland, Brisbane.

Australians also love visiting this lively city due to the many attractions it offers. If you want to have an exciting and vibrant nightlife to enjoy this is the place for you. If you want to get information about the sophisticated nightspots consisting of bars, clubs and restaurants then visit a website specializing in Australia as a travel destination. You will also be informed about the Lamington National Park that is on the World Heritage List.

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