Trekking holidays are a great way to get away from the routine, get some exercise, fresh air and get back in touch with Nature. However, in northern Europe there exist a couple of drawbacks for a really good trekking holiday. First, the summer the climate is unreliable; a trekking holiday in the Scottish Highlands or Wales almost certainly means getting wet at some point. Also, finding some solitude and peace and quiet almost anywhere in the UK is not easy; during school holidays National Parks can be busier than city centres.

So many look for trekking holidays in southern Europe, particularly those planning to get away during the autumn, winter or spring. Europe offers a wide variety of destinations, some more esoteric than others, but Spain is still the most popular for three reasons: climate, price and quality. With over 60 million annual visitors tourism is Spain’s main industry, although the climate is the principal attraction the Spanish now have an expertise in tourism that is hard to match.

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